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Intro to Truffle Private Markets

Who we are

We are a private markets solutions provider, establishing long term partnerships with wealth managers, family offices and finance boutiques.
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Intro to Truffle Private Markets

What we do

Truffle combines private markets investments with a range of digital implementation solutions. Our coverage includes fund investments and co- investments across private equity & VC, private debt, real estate & infrastructure, executed through single fund feeders and multi-fund programs.
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Intro to Truffle Private Markets

What we believe in

Private Markets Investing is an Art
Successful investing in private markets goes beyond access. The combination of manager selection, portfolio construction, cash flow management and reporting is critical to achieving return objectives.
Buy Side
We are not a distributor of funds. We are in the business of sourcing and selecting the best funds for our clients, not the funds we believe we can raise most capital for. Our approach results in unique portfolios, often including funds that do not use distribution partners.
B2B Partnerships
Combining complementary expertise to create value for end-clients. We partner with firms that have deep client relationships and understand their respective needs.
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Intro to Truffle Private Markets

Who we partner with

Our partners embrace our approach to private market investing and realize that working together brings a wider range of unique private market opportunities to the clients they serve, leading to higher client satisfaction and better margins.
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Intro to Truffle Private Markets

Strategic Partners

Truffle works with market leading firms to enhance its investment and digital offering.